4 Powerful Ways to Make Meetings More Effective

For many companies, the client meetings and staff meetings may end up as a tug of war. No matter if you are struggling with either, you can streamline them and have better plans and ideas than before. If the issues are more on the staff side, then you may need to create space for them to meet and discuss the productivity. There are many companies that pay heed to these by faire des réunions à Bromont. Here are more ways to make these meetings more effective.

  1. Create an agenda

When you walk into a meeting with no agenda, you can end up wasting time. You can ask for submitting agenda items before the meeting begins to be flexible and meet the needs and discuss the topics which are urgent at that time. You can also email the agenda way ahead of time to get great feedback on what needs to be addressed during a meeting. This has to be done by a manager to make the final call and what needs to be addressed another day. During the meeting, give away the printed copies of the agenda. Printing rather than mailing helps in emphasizing to employees the final nature of the agenda.

  1. Forbid electronic devices

While taking notes in a meeting can be a good idea, but it may cause multitasking and no focus on task at hand. No matter how focused they are, they can still be distracted by social media. Create a policy that lets electronic devices to be used by people hosting the meeting or by people who have to take notes. When it comes to client meeting, while you cannot stop using your electronic device, but you can limit using it.

  1. Prevent group brainstorming

Many companies go for brainstorming sessions to obtain new ideas. It may seem effective, but is actually not. Employees only come up with one or two and keep latching onto the same, then they forget their own ideas while discussing and listening to what others are saying. Rather, you can have them write their ideas down. This lets for more independent thinking and obtaining ideas from others. On the basis of your office culture, let employees submit ideas anonymously to remove office politics from the discussions.

  1. Ask them to speak up

Managerial and entry level staff may have varied levels of interaction. The higher ranking employees dominate the meeting more than the entry level introverts. Even the extroverted entry level employee may feel a tad bit nervous to open up. If that is the case, have a facilitator to ensure that everyone gets a chance to speak up.

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