4 SEO Mistakes Every SEO Professional Must Avoid to Make

  1. Not optimizing your image

Images make the webpage look interesting. But you have to stop using images that are too big as it slows down the loading speed, overusing the images unless you are a fashion website, and not using Alt tags for helping Google understand your image. Hence, to save time and get SEO done the right way, you must choose the right SEO Singapore agency.

  1. Not formatting the content

There are many webpages that have no proper headings, paragraphing, or styling. This is bad news for user experience and harder for Google to index, which makes you rank very low. When publishing text, don’t just paste it, make it original, and look nice by using headings and formatting.

  1. Using SEO separately from your overall digital marketing strategy

Nowadays, it is more than just doing SEO. It also uses social media, mobile marketing, content marketing, and other tools. If you focus just on SEO, you won’t go much far. Create a digital marketing strategy instead. You can use the traditional SEO techniques, but promote it in a unique way. It goes beyond gaining more links and more traffic. Top digital media agencies like MediaOne knows best on how to make the most of SEO.

  1. Targeting high traffic keywords only

SEO begins with keyword research. But there is an error everyone makes it by using high volume keywords only just believing in a myth that this makes you gain more traffic. These keywords are quite competitive and will never make you rank.

SEO is an important part of digital marketing and it helps businesses to reach their target audience. Find more on importance of SEO to businesses.

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