All In One Solar Street Light Manufacturer Procedures

Solar Street light raised its light from the solar panel system by such Ray who have automatic rechargeable batteries to integrated the pole.


The solar street light manufacturer designed to work whole night installed in windy regions with flat panels to better cope with the winds. It has a modern technological design with battery management and operates as a network with the capability to perform.

Manufacturing Process: 

The manufacturing process of solar panels worked by solar industries. Solar panels are made by a solar cell which converts the sunlight into technological light. There are two types of panels. One is mono, and the other is poly. Mono panel is black panel, and poly panel is the blue panel. The solar cell cutting by a laser machine is naturally used for the small panel; according to size, the cells are cutting into small pieces. Then, the cell welding by a stringer machine, which is an automatic stringer machine. It will inspect as visual, tapping, soldering, and cutting the extra material. Then it connected with an insulated model and observed with a mirror for defecting. After that, it tested the EL for dead cell or microcells. It laminated and framed the machine for protection, and the panel is ready to sell in the market. So what are you waiting for? Come and buy the best model design.


The advantages are following:-

  • Independent and minimum cost price,
  • Need less maintenance,
  • Risk of the minimum accident,
  • Non-polluted,
  • Saved the energy cost,
  • Has separate parts with easy transition.


The disadvantages are listed below:-

  • The higher initial investment,
  • Risk of theft,
  • Reduce energy production by dust or snow,
  • Replace the rechargeable batteries.

 Best company: 

The best Company is Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Limited in China, which focused on all in one solar street light and gave the high design manufacturer. It gives you the best and unique solar powered street light worldwide.

 Product information: 

This Company has designed their own unique patent which spent an inventing throughout a year. It is more useful and user friendly. The rechargeable batteries are high chargeable and has automatic charger. So do not worry about charge, you will have two years of warranty also.

 Name of the product: 

The product name is Palm Tree Solar Street Light or Foldable all in one Solar Street Light.


The price of solar street light is very reasonable compared to other companies and the cost of price depends on the power of light. It has specific and very cheap rate, any customer can buy it easily and it’s totally pocket cheaper.

 Power of light:

The powers are available like 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 120W solar street light. Depends on power, the cost is increased.

 Rise up and fold: 

The solar panel system can be raised up and faced with the direction of sun rays at both side of the road and increased efficiency up to 60% to 65%.

Better heat dissipation:

It has separated hot solar panel which can be kept from conducting the heat to the battery and it has a lifespan of the battery and LED lights enlarged up to 40% to 45%.

 Easier installation:  The buyer required only two mounting steps, there is no power requirement which can be installed easily.

Solar street light manufacturer designed is the greatest creation of science, which is more useful in the road or any industrial area.

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