Are Cloud Document Management Systems Safe and Secure?

Cloud document management or CDM is an excellent way to store documents quickly, but users usually doubt it because of security concerns. As more organizations embrace the use of digital technology to store files, a lot of these organizations are turning to cloud-based document management to help keep their valuable files and documents.

Going digital when it comes to document workflows with a cloud-based system can significantly improve the company’s efficiency, save a lot of money, time, and energy on file storages, as well as make it a lot easier for the company to grow. In this article, we will explain what is cloud document management, if it is a secure way to store files, as well as how people can implement this kind of service in your company or business.

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What is CDM or Cloud Document Management?

To help people understand CDM, we first need to know what is document management. Document management is the use of computer systems and software to track, manage, and store digital documents. These systems make it a lot easier to organize files and documents by automating storage, indexing records by types, and providing necessary collaboration tools so that people in the company can access any files whenever they needed it.

Documents and data are processed, managed, and stored using a network of servers hosted on the Internet instead of the local server or personal computer. A cloud-based file management system’s main benefit is that companies can get all the advantages of online storage without spending money, time, and energy in IT hardware.

Is this system safe?

In recent years where cloud storage systems have started to take off, storing files and data in the cloud is a secure and safe method. But like any other new technology, there are also concerns about it. Listed below are some of the concerns about using this system.

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Security – A lot of business owners and entrepreneurs are not sure about using third-party systems to store their important files, especially since the information is repeatedly transmitted on the Internet, and they can be susceptible to hacking from fraudulent individuals, competing corporations, and even the government.

Technical issues – Technical service problems are an essential concern with this kind of storage because if the system is down, people cannot get access to their documents. It can halt their work or slow down their productivity.

Dependency in the Internet connection – Using this technology means that people are pretty dependent on the Internet connection to access their documents or files. If your area’s connection goes down or very slow, you will have a hard time running your document management system.

But most cloud storage service providers have taken measures to eliminate and address these problems from their products. It makes cloud storage, secure and safe as long as users take the necessary precautions. An excellent cloud-based storage service provider will offer various features to keep documents safe like:

Environmental control

Certifications and access control

Secure fire sharing

Automatic backups

Role-based security

Secure encryption

How to keep records safe in the cloud?

When deciding on a service provider for the document storage systems, do the research, research at least three companies. Read reviews to see if they have an excellent reputation, and know the security measures they installed to protect user-information or files.

Check the data encryption – Encryption is considered by many as the best way to protect documents in the cloud, and the easiest way to utilize it is to have the application or browser require an encrypted connection before allowing users to download or upload the record. Make sure to check “https” or the padlock symbol to the URL’s left in the website browser. Users also need to see if the service provider encrypts the data that was stored in their cloud.

The unencrypted stored information is accessible to the public, that is why if users keep sensitive data like medical information or legal documents as part of their business, they’ll want a service provider that can encrypt their stored data.

Always backup – Although some document management services offer various features like automated backups of the user’s data, it is an excellent idea to do your own backup as an added security measure. People can back up their data to another service provider or their external hard drives.

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