Building Teams when Organising a Congress or Conference

Organising a congress or conference is usually not a one-man job. You need to build teams of talented and hardworking people to bring the event into fruition. Also, you must delegate tasks strategically and guide every member of your teams to accomplish the tasks on time. To maximize the efficiency of your event planning, think about dividing your teams into the following:

Budget Team

After setting a budget, your budget team must be informed to make sure the allocation and release of necessary funds. Assign some members the responsibility to maintain a spreadsheet for the costs, keep track of the budget, collect incoming payments from sponsors and participants, and update the team regularly.

Production and Design Team

Although you can outside the design and production of advertisements, invitations, decor, kits, catalogs, merchandise, and booths to a third-party service provider, you still need some in-house personnel to communicate the details and features of the desired design. Also, the design must be approved before it goes to production.

Vendor Management Team

You need to have a group of people who look for and make arrangements with the venue, transportation, hotel, caterer, and transportation providers. These people should possess good negotiation skills. Ideally, you need people who have experience in vendor management, procurement, and logistics.

Stakeholder Management Team

Because your sponsors, speakers, and VIPs have both reputational and financial stake in their association with your event, you must give them a high degree of exclusivity. Assign a team who will handle all processes that involve your sponsors, speakers, and VIPs. These include approaching them with proposals, handling requests, getting sponsorships, as well as handing their travel, séjour en Estrie, and entry to the event venue.

Marketing Team

Your marketing team should also be assigned to handle PR and social media management. They will send the right messages about the event to your target audience. The team is tasked to disseminate emails, promote the event, do telemarketing, and secure sales. Also, they have to make and maintain the online presence of your event as well as manage feedback from customers. You will need an experienced PR executive to handle news releases, media kits, and invitations if your event involves media coverage.

Tech Support Team

You need your tech support team onsite to facilitate the audio/visual element s and take care of any technical problems right away. Your team might use event management software to reduce the need for manpower.

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