Construction Contractor – A Specialty Contractor

A construction contractor, principal contractor, or developmental commercial mortgage consultant is in charge of the day-to-day supervision of a construction site, coordination of trades and vendors, and the exchange of key information among all involved parties during any construction project.

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They are also responsible for overseeing safety regulations and rules at the job site and have the experience of working with other contractors and subcontractors to coordinate various phases of construction. In addition, they are usually the one who has the authority to sign all legal contracts and documents. The construction industry is vast and there are many sub-specialties within it.

A commercial office construction contractor should not only be qualified in the specific trade or skill needed for any given project but should also be able to produce references or other testimonials from past clients. This is to prove their experience and expertise in managing projects.

Many contractors will supply a list of past and current clients but the most important reference is a completed contract from a previous client. Commercial office building construction project managers should take time to talk with potential contractors about their past clients to make sure they have the skills and experience required for the job.

Any construction contractor needs to hold a general contractor license to legally perform construction work in most states. This license is a legal agreement between a general contractor and the state that he/she will legally perform certain contracting activities.

In some states, an architect or engineer may also be required to hold a general contractor license to bid on a construction project in that state. However, most states require any person planning to run a commercial construction company to first obtain a commercial license for both the workers and materials used in the job site.

Once all required licenses and documentation have been received, a construction contractor job description will need to be written. The pre-construction phase of the job would include an initial meeting between all parties involved in the project.

This would include the general contractor, the architect/engineer, the subcontractor, and any other necessary employees. All parties are interested in one thing during this meeting and that is to come up with an accurate cost estimate of the job, including materials, for completion of the project by the date specified in the contract.

A contract that has been written and is signed by all parties involved then becomes the “sole and exclusive contract”. This means that the owner of the property is under no obligation to pay the subcontractor until all construction work on the property has been completed.

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