Fire Hazard Awareness and Confidential Document Shredding

When running a business and managing a business property there are many different factors to have to consider at any given time. One area that is of vital importance is the health and safety regulations surrounding fire safety and fire hazard awareness as it relates to your employees. You are responsible for ensuring that your staff members are safe from harm, and that they understand all fire safety policies and actions. You are also responsible for looking after document and waste management. It might not readily be apparent, but there is a way in which both of these important factors of a business come together. By hiring the services of a professional, confidential document shredding service you can boost the green credentials of your organisation whilst improving the practice of fire safety in your specific workplace.

Looking after confidential document waste is important for several reasons. Keeping your employees and their data safe, as well as ensuring sensitive and personal data relating to your clients and suppliers is kept safe, is a requirement by law. This has become even more pertinent since the introduction of GDPR in May 2018, and it is vital that there is a plan in place to deal with the creation, storage, management, and disposal of all documents and information that your organisation has.

An experienced document shredding service that is local to you can come to your place of work on a regular basis. They can provide you with locked paper waste bins and cabinets, where you put all paper waste and documents that must be disposed of securely due to the sensitive nature of information that are held within them. From here, your documents are taken to a secure location close by and shredded within a certain timeframe. You are then provided with documentation to prove that you are complying with regulations and that the documents have been disposed of in a secure and swift manner.This ticks all the boxes for private data storage and disposal, but in terms of fire hazard and fire safety management in the workplace it covers you even further. Think about the sheer amount of paper and physical documentation that is created every day in every single workplace, no matter the industry they are in. If it is not disposed of or stored quickly and efficiently it can begin to pile up. It is here where a large quantity of paper poses a potential fire risk, as well as taking up loads of space that could be used for other, cost-effective processes and tasks.

You will have created a thorough and stringent fire safety management programme, with fire drills and fire escape routes mapped out. Your employees will understand what to do in the event of a fire and where the fire risks and hazards are present. Speak to a local provider of confidential document shredding services about how they can help you safely dispose of your documents on a regular basis, complying with private data regulations and helping you minimise the risk of fire hazards building up in the workplace.

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