Five Reasons for Using Custom Corrugated Boxes

For decades, people have been using custom corrugated boxes, and they are shipping their items. All these sturdy boxes are able to withstand repeated bumps as well as impact and protect the contents inside against damage.

These boxes are cost-effective and also lightweight and can be used for shipping items to all across town or the country.

Though technological advances have altered many parts of the supply and distribution chain, these custom corrugated boxes continue serving as standard shipping item in various industries. Here are 5 reasons why custom boxes are still used.

  • Right-sized packaging will make financial sense

Too large boxes for items may require additional packing material for preventing unwanted shifts and also damage to contents.

This added weight as well as paper consumption will generate significant expense for companies and may increase operational environmental impact.

By selecting custom shipping boxes, organizations can easily manage packaging for wide range of items while keeping cost at reasonable level.

  • Dimensional weight pricing

Almost all major carriers of freight and package delivery firms now apply for all their ground shipments dimensional weight pricing.

This pricing scheme will penalize companies that regularly ship items in their large boxes irrespective of the size of their contents.

Just by making little investment during box manufacturing in a range of box of different sizes, distributors and manufacturers can reduce their shipping cost via all major carriers of the country.

  • Enhanced perception of value among retailers and consumers

These custom boxes can easily create a positive impression on your consumers almost at every stage of distribution chain.

Properly designed boxes will provide valuable support in your branding efforts and also increase the value of the products among your customers who may buy them in future. Such an enhanced market position will also carry over in your retail displays.

  • Advertising without any extra cost

Your custom boxes can easily be used for marketing your brand by printing any marketing messages that can appeal to your target audiences. You can take advantage of this kind of free advertising opportunity.

Most companies can reach new customers almost without spending anything on advertising campaigns. Increased revenues obtained through such means can compensate for the additional costs of these custom printed boxes.

  • Faster delivery for consumer orders

By maintaining a proper selection of these custom corrugated boxes meant for shipping will reduce the necessary time required for packing orders and shipping them out to various consumers.

You can surely make a positive impact on your new customers and also enhance satisfaction among all your current clientele too.

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