Four Important Tools for Recovering Stuck Pipes from Wellbores

Well digging requires the use of a lot of kinds of equipment such as drilling tool, measuring tools, and others. These tools can be attached with a string or with a group of strings and placed down in the wellbore. But, sometimes, the wireline string can break or the digging tool can get stuck in downhole formations. For drilling strings that get stuck inside the well, pipe recovery operations should be done to release the string or free it from the blocked position. The services can help in identifying the location of block pipe, cutting the stuck string, and bringing back the free par to the pipe from the well. Learn more about these services at Below are some tools to be used in recovering the pipes.

Free Point Indicator Tool

Pipe recovery services use this tool to identify the locations of the stuck pipe in the wellbore. They achieve this by measuring the wireline’s torque and pressure. These tools can also be used for judging the stuck point in all kind of tube wells, well casings, and coiled tubes.

Chemical Cutter

These tools are commonly used for recovering electric wireline services. They are used in operations that do not require the use of any torque for pulling up the string. It can cut coiled tube, drill pipe, and well casing without offering any harm to the other part of the well or pipe. They are designed to operate in extreme temperature and pressure that make it the ideal tool for oilfield wells.

Back Off Tool

After identifying the location of the stuck point of the pipe, a back off tool can help in removing the free part of the string from the well. It applies the torque on a stuck part of wireline and detonates it to free the stuck string and have it pulled up from the wellbore.

Fishing Tool

This tool is used for releasing or removing the stuck pipe and other suspended material from the wellbore. Some types of fishing tools available today include overshoot, speak, boost basket, and junk mill which help in recovering the stuck string from the well.

The wireline should be recovered as soon as possible to save the drill time off well. Also, pipe recovery protects further damage to the good casing. If wireline recovery is something you cannot do on your own, call a reputable pipe recovery service provider.

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