Home Care Solutions During Monsoon

Owning a house comes with its own set of responsibilities. After purchasing a house, it is your duty to make sure that the house is well maintained. Timely repair and renovation of the house is an important aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked. Moreover, you should also take steps to protect your home from any kind of damage, especially during monsoons. The rainy season in India that lasts for 3-4 months can cause severe damage to your house in the form of leaks and cracks.

Below are some of the home maintenance tips during monsoon that can protect your house from the difficulties that may arise during the rainy season:

Use quality paint for exterior walls of the house

The walls of the house are most affected during the rainy season. Moisture gets collected in walls that eventually leads to cracks, damp patches, peels and blisters on the wall. Low-quality paint is the prime reason for the damage to walls. Water seeps through exterior paint and gets accumulated in pores of the concrete. This causes moisture that damages the wall. Moisture collected in these pores can cause damage even after repainting the external walls. Therefore, it is important to notice early signs of seepage in the building such as:

  • Wet walls of a basement
  • Mold and fungi on walls and corners
  • Rotting of wooden door panels and window panes
  • Water collection inside the house

Ensure proper ventilation in the house during Monsoons:

  • The air present inside the house becomes moist in the monsoon season. This results in the dampening of plaster present on the walls of the house.
  • Therefore, in order to prevent the walls from dampening, it is important to decrease the humidity level in the house by ensuring proper ventilation.

Pay attention to the cracks in the house

  • You can use waterproof mortar & paint to fix the cracks present in the walls on the house. Additionally, to ensure that there is no further damage to the building, you can make use of waterproof sealing agents.
  • Another important thing to consider while filling the cracks is to eliminate all the loose plaster which is already present around the crack.

Do away with algae and moth before monsoons

  • During the monsoon seasons, pathways in the house may get slippery because of the growth of algae & moss. Therefore, it is essential to get rid of them before monsoons begin.
  • By washing the dried-up algae with chlorine solution, you can get rid of algae and moss successfully.

Roll up the carpets and rugs

  • In the monsoon season, it is advisable to roll up the carpets of the house to protect the same from moisture and filth.
  • You may consider using plastic coverings instead.

Lastly, apart from taking care of your home during monsoons, you must also make sure that the rainwater doesn’t accumulate around your residence. Water-logging around the residence can act as the breeding ground for mosquitoes, thereby giving rise to several health conditions. Therefore, it is imperative to give special care to the buildings which are located in heavy rainfall areas.

Now that you are well aware of various monsoon home care tips, ensure to make the most of them and prevent your house from being damaged during the monsoon season. Post the rainy season, you can consider renovating your house so that it is well maintained. For renovating your house, you can consider availing a home loan. Also, consider some steps on how to reduce home loan EMI if you are thinking of availing a home loan.

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