How Companies Use the Intranet to Build Virtual Work Communities

Companies that have multiple employees are going to eventually need the Intranet because they need the ability to share files and work inside of an enclosed environment. Everything does not need to be put on the cloud. There needs to be an Internet environment where users can work together and provide various information databases that are only available through the company network. For this, many system administrators will search for some proper Intranet Software to help them build this type of environment.

Security Measures

One of the big reasons that the intranet environment is appealing is the security. If there is a cyber-attack that comes from an outside internet source, it is still possible to use the Intranet to for work collaboration when the connection to the internet is cut off. Systems administrators use virus removal tools that require a disconnect from the internet, but this does not completely take found the Intranet network environment while files are shared.

Databases and Spreadsheets

In a lot of companies the information is overwhelming. There may be spreadsheets and databases that have a large collection of internal information that multiple employees will utilize. This information may be used by a wide number of people that need this information accessible quickly. It does not make sense to email this type of information back and forth between employees so most companies will comprise things like directories that can be stored on SharePoint sites. This becomes part of the company Intranet. It leads to a higher level of productivity, and it helps companies keep sensitive data safe.

Remote Users

When people work remotely there may be a need to access the intranet. This is why there are a number of precautions that are set in place to give remote users access without security breaches. VPN connections are established. This certainly proves to be more secure than the storage of data in the cloud. Companies may have some information that is going to be put into a cloud environment, but a lot of data is can be stored on Intranet mapped drives.

System Drive Mapping

What system administrators are able to do when they create an Intranet environment is put data on servers that can be access by other end users inside of the organization. This works well because it keeps all of the data on the server. Other employees are simply mapping drives on their computers that point back to the server where the data is located.

Edit and Read Only Files

This collection of files that are on the server are typically going to be divided into two groups. There are those that can be edited and there are others that are read-only files. That is a good thing about the intranet community. There are some files that are made for viewing only. These types of information files can be shared by multiple employees, but there is no danger of any employee altering the files. This is what an intranet community provides.

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