How To Gamble And Not Be Addicted?

Gambling is a game of chance, an entertainment option that should therefore amuse or serve as a distraction. However, addiction to online gambling is becoming more and more common. In this post, we help you detect if you have the symptoms of gambling addiction, specifically, internet gambling.

How to detect addiction to online gambling

Poker, casino, slots or sports betting: playing online is more addictive than the same game in face-to-face mode. This is due to the fact that factors of new technologies increase the capacity for addiction to gambling: availability, accessibility, the immediacy of reward, the illusion of control, and psychophysiological activation. It is designed to be addictive. One click and bet!

Gambling becomes pathological gambling when the criteria for addictive behaviour appear: intolerance, withdrawal, loss of control, interference with daily activities, and loss of interest in pleasant activities. Gambling becomes a gambling problem, and gambling becomes an addiction problem. With addictive behaviour toward gambling, it is necessary to detect it as soon as possible and to treat it. Here are some keys to detect that there is an addiction problem:

  1. When it is no longer leisure. The game is not fun

You no longer have a good time, because you feel bad after gambling or losing money. Except in the exact moment of winning or believing that you are going to win. At that very moment, you feel overexcited. Actually, what happens to you is that you get high.

  1. No connection? Impossible

You can’t stand being offline. As you are betting online, you need to be connected. The idea of ​​not carrying a device that allows you to do so makes you nervous. Therefore, you stop doing activities that you liked if you think there will be no connection. You are obsessed!

  1. No limits

Intolerance has appeared. You cannot stop. You are not limited by time or money. Every time you play more hours and bet larger amounts. You have a hard time getting up from the table. It’s what you spend the most hours on. You prioritize it over everything else. In fact, you don’t sleep well. You might wake up wanting to play or if you have not reached that point, you do not rest well.

The loss of control is a clear symptom to diagnose this disease. You spend what you have and that is already a problem or you spend more money than you can. You would spend it all. It is the spiral of pathological gambling.

  1. No interruptions

You cannot bear to be interrupted when you are in front of your computer gambling. Your character has changed, you may even get angry.

  1. Better alone

The only thing you want is to be alone so you can play. You spend less and less time with your family and friends. It does not fill you with joy being with them, because your head is thinking about other things. You are getting away from it all. You shy away from everyone except when you have no choice but to share.

The family reproaches you and blames your obsession. Maybe you even argue with them because you keep looking at your phone and you cannot help but look at the results and bet.

Without realizing it, the only centre of your attention increasingly is the ability to bet and everything else loses its importance for you.

All is not lost!

Playing casino games or placing the odd bet online should be fun! The experts at True Blue casino advise that you should:

  • Set a budget and don’t spend more than what you set aside.
  • Also, set a time limit – and stop when you reach it – no matter if you’re winning or losing.
  • Develop good habits and you can enjoy each game without worrying about developing addictive behaviour that can ruin your life.
  • Most importantly, if you feel that you need help – seek it!

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