How You Can Become a Better Supervisor

Managing people can be hard work, and whether you’re a manager, supervisor or even someone higher up in the business, you may benefit from improving your supervisory skills. Here are some ways you can become a better supervisor at work.

Know the job inside out

Many supervisors and managers don’t know what their employees do all day. They may have an idea of their job description, but many people take on extra jobs outside this scope, and you need to know what these are. This will ensure your team have a balanced workload and are happy.

Listen to your team

There are lots of ways you can get regular feedback from your team:

  • Set up a way to get anonymous suggestions
  • Have regular team meetings
  • Schedule a 1:1 with each member of your team once a month or so
  • Make sure everyone knows they can come to you if they need help

Communication is key to a good relationship between supervisor and employee, so make sure it’s always easy to contact you with any concerns.

Get training to become a better coach

If you’re coaching or mentoring people, there is training available to help you become better at your job. Visit and you can find out more about these courses and whether they’re right for you. Being a coach can be an interesting job and lets you work with people trying to reach their goals. Many coaches are employed by businesses so that they can directly work with employees for the best results.

Avoid micromanagement

One of the worst things that a supervisor can do is to try and micromanage everything your employees do. If you’ve hired great people to do the job, why would you want to be looking over their shoulder all the time? While you should deal with issues quickly, if your employee is performing well, you’re better off keeping things hands-off and letting them do their thing.

Being a supervisor isn’t always easy, as you’ve got to balance keeping employees happy with the demands of the business. However, there are ways you can improve your supervisory skills and become a better supervisor overall. Not only is this good for your career, it can also be beneficial to your business, and ensure you have better relationships at work. From learning new skills to opening up communications, there are many ways you can become a better supervisor day to day.

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