Small Business Loans: Factors that affect interest rates?

If you are looking to set up a business, you would require a significant amount of funds. Apart from the initial expenditure, you would also need enough money to ensure the smooth operation of your business. However, raising funds for a new venture can be a difficult process. Therefore, to meet your financial requirement, you can opt for various banks and financial companies that provide business loans. In addition to establishing a start-up, business loans are also helpful in expanding the current business.

Due to growing competition among various banks and NBFCs (Non-banking Financial Companies), small business loans are available at highly competitive interest rates. It is advisable to compare various loans before settling for the one that fulfills all your financial requirements. This will help you to avail the best business loan. One major factor that should be considered while opting for a business loan is the interest rate. For greater benefit, make sure that your business loan has the lowest possible rate of interest rate. However, there are certain factors that affect business loan interest rates. Some of them are mentioned below:

Type of financial institutions

Business loan interest rates vary from one financial institution to another. With Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) like Finserv Markets, you can avail business loans at the most competitive interest rates. Visit the Finserv Markets website to know more.

Experience in Business

The interest rate offered to you also depends upon your experience in the business. The possibility of getting a business loan at lower interest rates increases, if you have years of business experience to your credit.

Monthly Turnover

The monthly turnover is a major factor in determining your eligibility to avail a business loan. By having a look at the monthly turnover, financial institutions decide whether your business is in profit or incurring losses. It also gives them a clear idea about your repayment capacity. Therefore, monthly turnover is significant in deciding the loan amount and the interest rate of your business loan.

Credit Score

You can assure lenders about your financial stability with the help of a high credit score. Therefore, a good credit score will give you more benefits like lower interest rates and flexible tenure or repayment terms.


Collateral is the security, which is pledged to the financial institutions to avail a loan. Higher the value of collateral, the more will be the benefits. Highly valuable collateral like real estate, equipment, machinery, deposits or home equity gives security to the loan providers. After examining the collateral, the banks and other financial institutions may grant you a higher loan amount at lower interest rates.

You can avail business loans at the best interest rates with Finserv market. In addition to that, business loans facilitated by Finserv Markets come with a wide range of features like unlimited withdrawal and flexible repayment options. Lastly, minimal documentation and a hassle-free online application process give Finserv Markets an edge over other financial institutions in the market. So if you are looking for a small business loan, Finserv Markets would certainly be the right choice for you.

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