Successive Parking Lot Damage Treatment For Longevity!

What is the demanded road paving material? In a world full of heavy traffic, one doesn’t expect the long tenure and durability of the roads and pavements. The research for rigid material to withstand the majority of all perhaps led to asphalt. The rage in the usage and demand made the material the first choice for constructors. The complete procedure is fairly successive, taking less time than the traditional ones that drag nearly weeks and months.

If your society or property is in Phoenix, One Stop Asphalt might be one of the judicial choices to consider for their outstanding services and response. With complete planning and advanced machinery, the satisfaction is no doubt the promised result.

Differing Material

The asphalt may be a single composition, but scarcely known is that its types and grades are available.

The material is recyclable while mixing with other raw materials or binders. The low quality certainly brings the outer luster, but the inner strength depletes.

The service makes sure to provide the proportion of asphalt used. The more is the rate, and the better would be the make!

Only Repairs?

There are different phases of attendance to roads and pavements. Not only are the repairs entertained, but the orders for new ones are equally accepted.

  • The repairs include the chipping, sawing, and laying the new layer on top. Small seam cracks get treated with fixing agents.
  • Maintain ace is an additional offer for new orders and discount bonanza for repaired ones. Periodic scrutiny or one-time free servicing never fail to attract.
  • The newly laid parking lots or roads are carefully designed to withstand the heavy vehicular weight and provide a long durability. Sealcoating at the end is inherent in the latest packages.

Why Sealcoating?

If you wonder that seal coating is an extra costly affair, you may have missed out on its advantages to finish the project in a polished way.

  • The raw roads, even if laid of asphalt, aren’t completely immune to the weather’s degradation.
  • UV rays, water seepage, and oil reaction are common for the places where vehicles run.
  • The seeped in water and other compounds can react and weaken the inner composition, due to which the material slurs down and drains or ditches form.
  • Mixed with silica, acrylics, and bituminous products, the seal works as a filler additive.
  • The application is the last stage applied either by brushing, spraying, or squeezing the mix on the surface and left to dry.

The One Stop asphalt provides the stated services under affordable and flexible packages. Think and place an order to get the best parking lot doctors for a quick fix solution!

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