The Duties Of An Accountant

If anyone is looking for an exciting career that will take them into a corporate setting, there is one field that can give them what they are looking for. The question is are you good with numbers and books? Have you ever thought about being an accountant? If so, this is the way to go. No one in this field will ever get bored with the endless amount of money figures being thrown at them on a daily basis to record down in business journals for record keeping purposes. This is one career where they will be in charge of the money trail to know where everything goes and how it lines up every month.

What Do Accountants Do

Accountants prepare all types of reports concerning assets and financial records. They present these reports on balance sheets and income statements to show where all of the capital for the business is going. They make sure to have all verifying documentation on hand so that in the event of an audit by the Internal Revenue Service or other financial entity, there will no longer legal issues. Basically, an accountant keeps up with the money trail. They are able to have on record where every dime of what the company is bringing in is going towards. It does not matter if it’s salaries or supplies. There are receipts and other documentation that accountants keep on record to store on the balance sheets and income statement that should add correctly at the end of the month. It’s all about staying in compliance with the corporate laws and other laws that may affect how a business is supposed to run.


Accountants are also responsible for making sure that the company taxes are done correctly. This is where a certified public accountant comes in because they know the tax laws that businesses should be following and what forms should be used. Also, they are responsible for making sure to see all of the record keeping that the accountant had done for accuracy before sending the tax return to the IRS. It’s important to keep those business returns for a few years because you don’t want something to happen where you may need evidence and don’t have it.

The Salary

Accountants make very good money. They can make as much as $70,000 to $120,000 a year. A person who wants to pursue this field can go from entry-level accounting to corporate with the right experience and degree. Accountants who have their own independent firm for businesses to come and have their record keeping done can make more than $120,000. It’s all about how far one is willing to take their career.

The Education

There are programs offered in high school that allows students to take accounting as an elective just see if this would be their field of choice. Once they get their feet wet in the fundamentals, it’s time to go to college or a trade school where they can get a better in-depth education in the field. Anyone can get a job anywhere in this field. There are accountants in Washington DC that have gone to school and are earning an exponential amount of money doing their craft. Just pick the school with the program that seems the best to get started.

Being an accountant is a very rewarding career, and there is plenty of work to keep one busy. Why not choose a career that that will fulfill the desire and purpose of wanting to do something great? Having a career as an accountant changes everything.

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