The Main Reasons Behind the Need for an Online Induction System

If you are working on a tough off shore project or a challenging site on land you’ll be well aware that there is always a need for a stringent induction process. For online induction processes employees and contractors have access to all the relevant documents and information relating to general health and safety issues, site specific issues and hazard awareness, equipment and machinery specific training manuals, as well as all other relevant information. For a project manager a smooth online induction programme and process ensures that the project itself is much more likely to succeed, to work within the strict timeframes and budgets, and importantly keep all contractors, employees, and visitors safe from harm. In these cases a secure and simple to use induction system can be used for contractors to upload personal information that is relevant before work can commence, as well as provide all work permits and take relevant tests before they can safely entre a site location.

There are several reasons why an online induction system is of great use to many projects within challenging environments. The first of these is that it allows project managers to set up specific work categories and tasks within an easy to use system. This is of great use to contractors, as it means that project managers can set up work categories that only specific contractors can view. Within each work category the specific information that is relevant to that role is viewable. This limits time wasting, and ensures that only crucial and critical information is being received.

Once you have set up work categories you can also ensure that there is a simple login process for each individual. This includes the provision of personalised logins. With a secure invite, only the people who need to see the information will have access provided in a safe and secure manner. Within this personal profile, contractors will have access to all the specific information and training manuals that they are required to understand prior to entering a site to work. It also ensures that there is a safe place for each person to login and enter all relevant personal information, including next of kin data in the event of an emergency. With a personalised login, project managers can see when contractors have uploaded all relevant permits to work, as well as view when a contractor has successfully completed necessary training modules.

From here it is a simple case of project managers logging in to see which contractors can be approved, ready to enter the site on the first day of a project, or the first day they are individually expected on site. What this achieves is as smooth and safe a project as possible, no matter the logistics, challenges, location, or number of contractors on site at any given time. An online induction process makes it much easier to approve contractors and minimises the disruption that can be felt at the access point of any site when a contractor turns up without the relevant permits to work.

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