Tips and Suggestions for In-Store Signage

Every retail business owner should understand the importance of in-store signage, which is a critical component to good layout and design, and where you locate your signage, along with the message contained, is an important aspect of in-store décor. Much like you would carefully choose the colours when fitting out your store, the signage needs to be well thought-out, and with that in mind, here are a few tips and ideas on how best to adorn your retail space with the right signage.

Label Design Software

There are some great computer programs that can help you design and print product labels (รับ พิมพ์ สติ๊กเกอร์ ฉลาก สินค้า in Thai), and once you have saved the files, take them to a quality printer and they will print onto your choice of medium. This is great for stickers and promotional labels, and by using colours that blend with your company colours, you can create the perfect signage.

Calls to Action

Known as CTA in the retail trade, these are short phrases that are designed to get the store visitor to commit. Some good examples are,

  • “Buy now, while stocks last”
  • “Limited sale offer”
  • “Sale ends this week”

You would be surprised at just how effective CTAs can be, and it is definitely worth spending the time to create short messages that encourage purchases.

Simple Fonts

Avoid anything too fancy, as this can confuse the reader, and with bold and contrasting colours, the goal is to make the message easy to read, even from a distance. Here are a few popular fonts that are ideal for in-store signage,

  • Arial
  • Futura Bold
  • Blacksmith
  • Gill Sans
  • Impact


It pays to go to a hi-end commercial printer, and one that specialises in retail signage, and if you do not know of such a company, a Google search will help you locate a nearby printer, and make sure you check out their wide range of printable materials.

Informational Signage

Just as important as calls to action, signs that direct store visitors should be short and to the point, and preferably above eye level. Most people automatically look toward the ceiling when looking for restroom signs and directions to store levels, so this is where they should go. Make sure that the background colour contrasts well with the text, so the information can be read from a distance.

Store Windows

These are your premier locations, and you need to make changes every couple of months, as people like to see some variety, and if there was ever a place to get some professional help, this would be it. Your shop window is what draws people into your store, or not, depending on how it is decorated, and with seasonal offers and your most popular items in prominent locations, you are encouraging passers-by to enter your store.

Eye Catching Graphics

Simply using words is not enough, so add a few catchy graphic shapes to draw attention to your message, and if you are looking for some inspiration, take a walk around a few stores, paying particular attention to their use of graphics.

There are many things you can do with in-store signage to make the ambience more inviting, and spending time on this will certainly pay dividends in the long run.


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