Utilising Exit Polls in Business Circumstances

Exit polls have been used over the years to paint as accurate a prediction of a near-future announcement as possible. We will all have seen the exit poll news released on nights of General Elections and other political nights, but a good exit poll can also be utilised to glean information from customers to help a business to improve. With accurate information from an exit poll, a company owner can look at ways in which staff are working, processes are used, and how the customer truly perceived the company and brand.

There is often no better time to ask for an honest opinion of someone than the moment they have finished using a service. In terms of a retail environment for instance, you are always going to get the best chance of receiving honest feedback from someone who has literally just finished a process with your company, whether that is to enquire about a specific item or service, to make a purchase, or to put in a complaint.

The idea of an exit poll is that it is a sample of your customer base, asking questions at a time when everything is fresh in their mind. It allows you to paint as clear an impartial a picture as possible, especially if you are using a specialist market research or mystery shopping service. In other ways, an exit poll can be conducted at the point of service, whether this is a quick survey sheet at a till, or a fast survey over the phone after buying something. Alternatively, many websites or call centres will follow up an interaction with a text message survey or something else of a similar nature, where boxes can be ticked easily to review the customer interaction that has just taken place.

The scientific approach to exit polls in retail environments ensure that it remains a positive and popular way to garner information from customers, especially those who have had a bad experience, or those customers who are considering leaving your brand to try something different.

Reports based around exit polls can be used to build up a clear view of trends within your customer base. It can point out services and processes that your customers like and dislike, as well as help you identify clear areas where you can improve things. Exit polls should always be utilised in conjunction with other areas of customer satisfaction reports and ratings, to help build a stronger future. Those companies with a strong reputation should never rest on their laurels, instead employing mystery shopping techniques and exit poll strategies to keep an eye on what their customers really think of them.

Brand perception, integrity, and consistency is everything to the modern-day business, and by employing the professional services of an audit and market research company, you can ensure that your company is moving forward with its customers at the heart of the process.

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