Vend As A PSG Grant Pos System

More than 500 retailers in Singapore have chosen Vend as their preferred POS system response to oversee and develop their business. Distribute is one of the leading inventory management and retail council arrangements worldwide and in Singapore by retailers of all sizes selling in stores or omnichannel.

Outcome Of Choosing

By accepting the PSG grant, one will undoubtedly comply with the review prerequisite to ensure that the POS arrangement one purchased with a government grant is for the intended purposes as the PSG grant pos system. It is delicate at Enterprise Singapore to increase the demand for revision randomly after using the POS system. In our record, we obtained from retailers that they obtained the demand for review after 1 year of using the POS system.


EISOL has been selected as a pre-affirmed ICT seller (as of June 16, 2020) to offer a complete response to the Vend deal, including advice, Vend permission, POS equipment, and Vend preparation and maintenance for the PSG grant pos system. The website saw some retailers increase their revenue and be ready to grow to more points of sale and an expansion of SKU profiles for their customers. See how the Singapore retailer did this from the contextual investigation of effective retailers.

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