What Are Some of the Key Features of Chocolate Depositor Machines  

If you’re in the bakery industry, you cannot deny the varied applications of the chocolate depositor machine, which is not only trendy but also quite effective for large-scale production. From pouring to creating customized chocolates, the depositors play a vital role in discharging fillings and shells, creating pralines, drops, chunks, and chips, forming and decorating the molds, refining, heating and cooling the chocolate to its predetermined structure. The machine not only saves on production time but also ensures that proper hygiene is maintained during the depositing process.

Are you wondering how the machine makes chocolate depositing easier and better? You should know about some of its key features then. It will also help you find the best-quality chocolate depositor in the market.

Single-piston depositor

A single-piston chocolate depositor increases the speed of depositing besides ensuring accurate deposition. With this machine at your disposal, you will be able to deposit the chocolate in smaller volumes faster.

Automated PLC system

The chocolate depositors have a completely automated system, making it easier for you to control the parameters with its PLC touch panel. The basic settings are saved in the recipe memory to enable reproducibility during the process of production.

Mass channels for varied applications

The nozzle plate arrangements in the machine consist of mass channels to enhance flexibility in depositing chocolate of maximum viscosity. It’s suitable for a wide range of products from mass chocolates to fluid liquor fillings. Further, the machine’s optional vertical piston system also makes processing and depositing smaller ingredients hassle-free.

You can find a range of chocolate depositors in the market like the decorative chocolate depositor, Table-top depositor, horizontal depositing machine, manual, the CNC and the one-shot depositor. Let’s give you some idea about each to help you make the best choice.

  • Decorative chocolate depositor – As the name implies, it allows you to be more creative with your chocolates by decorating them.
  • Table-top depositor – These are portable chocolate depositors that help you fill the cavity chocolate molds automatically.
  • Horizontal depositing machine – All the operations take place in a horizontal line, thus reducing the risk of dropping materials.
  • Manual chocolate depositor – It doesn’t have an automated system and is best suited for small-scale bakeries and cake shops.
  • CNC chocolate depositor – The machine can produce the most intricate and beautiful chocolate designs.
  • One-shot chocolate depositor – It discharges shells and fillings in a synchronized manner.

Are you wondering which equipment will be best for your business? You can talk to an expert in such machinery to get an idea about the same. As different depositors have a unique set of functions, it’s recommended to opt for expert suggestions before investing your hard-earned resources randomly.

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