What Exactly Is Chatbot Marketing? Find All About Growing Your Business!

As more businesses invest in customized chatbots, it is time to understand the value of using bots, beyond the conventional purpose of answering consumer queries. Today, the focus of chatbots is conversational marketing and ecommerce. The possible scope of interacting with a consumer via a chatbot is much higher, compared to a newsletter that may not even make an appearance in the inbox. That’s exactly what chatbot marketing is all about. In this post, we are discussing more on chatbot marketing and how you can use the same for growing your business.

Decoding the basics of chatbot marketing

Before we delve further into what it takes to promote a brand through chatbots, let’s discuss the need for bot marketing. Consumers are more aware of their choices than ever before, and no one wants to get too many promotional emails, newsletters. Patience usually runs out pretty soon, and consumers don’t want to call the customer care to know about products and services anymore. Having a website and app does help, but chatbots make it easy to start a one-to-one conversation. Consumers can feel the personal touch with the brand, even when they are aware that a chatbot is not a real human. With the power of AI and machine learning, chatbots have become more than just scripted responses, which has further enhanced the scope of marketing.

How to grow your business with chatbot marketing?

We have shortlisted a few tips on how you can do better with chatbot marketing.

  • Make it personal. Avoid being one of those companies that are just relying on chatbots for scripted messages and responses. It is absolutely necessary to ensure that the experience a user has with the bot is personal to the best possible extent.
  • Use Messenger. Did you know that Facebook Messenger has more than 1 billion monthly users? That only tells half of what you can do by integrating your chatbot with messenger. Many builders offer assured assistance on Messenger chatbot marketing, which is a great way to reach more consumers.
  • Rely on chat blasting. You can use Facebook Messenger for chatbot marketing via chat blasting, which is about sending similar messages to a bunch of contacts. This is the best possible way of getting exposure and offering promotional messages, and since these messages are delivered in the inbox of contacts, you can expect a better response.

  • Offer opt-in experiences. You have to consider using chatbots for offering opt-in experiences. For instance, you can ask consumers to sign up for selected services, or can ask them to fill out a survey. This is an indirect form of marketing, but will appeal to the audience, because they can actually have a say on how they interact with your brand.
  • Make an exclusive marketing club. For selected users and groups, you can choose to offer VIP messages and offers, and for that, chatbots can be really handy. Make sure that you do that in a way that the focuses on the targeted consumers.

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