What to Know About Chocolate Enrobers

Chocolate enrobers are designed to coat nearly anything with a solid, uniform, chocolate layer. They can save significant manual labor and turn ordinary snacks into chocolate-covered confections. This guide provides an introduction into the marketplace for enrobers, discussing various sizes, prices, and capacities to help you choose the right chocolate enrober:

Enrober Availability

The chocolate enrobing process takes place in stages. The majority of enrobers are available with equipment which handles the enrobing process from start to finish. Smaller enrobers can also be bought separately from the cooling tunnel. But, most of such machines come with a tempering system which makes sure the chocolate maintains a constant, melted consistency suitable for enrobing. The majority of enrobing lines have a single control panel which lets you precisely monitor the chocolate’s quantity that pumps through the coating pumps, identify, the conveyer’s speed, and monitor the chocolate temperature in the tempering machine.

Kinds and Sizes

In general, the enrober’s body is made from stainless steel to reduce contamination. Chocolate enrobers are available in an array of sizes, which range from industrial-sized machines to smaller machines. The enrober with a wider belt can generate higher pieces of per hour output. Because of the many sizes available, you can be sure to find an enrober that suits your needs.

Often, suppliers provide a huge selection of enrobers that are customised for industrial production, small-scale production, medium-scale, and large-scale production. Some suppliers will market enrobers as better at producing some types of production. Others also provide extra customisation for their enrober machines. Prepare to pay extra for machines that have more capabilities. For instance, you may get an enrober with a removable stainless steel rack which allows for easy cleaning.

Moreover, the capabilities of enrobers are quite diverse. That is why you must prioritise your needs first before you talk about your options with suppliers. For instance, some enrobers have cooling tunnels that enable a higher production ceiling while others have double curtains to ensure better total coverage.

Prices for Chocolate Enrobers

Usually, these machines are made exactly to the buyers’ preferences since some components can be added or removed. Often, buying an all-in-one enrobing line will save you money and time. If you are looking to buy an entry-level enrobing system, you may have to spend around $15, 000. In general, this enrobing line would not have fancier features like blowers, vibrating tables, or product toppers. If you want to invest in a bigger, industrial-sized enrobing line, prepare to spend at least $10, 000.

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