EMA Lew – When You Need A License?

Do you have any electrical related work in Singapore? If yes, try to contact the ema lew. It is a company that has more than 40 years of experience working in the electrical sector of Malaysia and Singapore. It was licensed by the energy market authority (EMA) in 1990, and later, the ema lew incorporated with the Tay electric by ting in 2006.

Which companies are authorized for electrical work in Singapore?

According to Singapore’s electricity act, if you want to operate, design, inspect, install, repair, and maintain electrical pieces of equipment anywhere in Singapore, you have to be authorized by the EMA. Only the licensed worker under the EMA is authorized to provide their services for electrical related work.

When do you need to obtain a license for electrical installation?

Any worker is operating an electrical installation in a non-residential area of load that exceeds the approved limit of 45-kilo volt-ampere needs to require a license for electrical installation. If you are working on-premises with hazardous trades such as garages, sawmilling, and petrol stations, you need to require a license for electrical installations.

Try to get an electrical installation license as soon as possible.

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