Fun Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

Marketing strategies can make or break a small business. When you’re working to get your business noticed, there are many things that you can do to tell the world you exist. You already have a fantastic website and have handed out business cards, what are some other marketing strategies that you can use to drive in new clients?

Are You Ready to Party?

Have a special promotion one day for your clients that not only offers discounts on products and services but also gets them excited about your company. Make it a party! Hire food trucks, mount folding tables on 5 inch caster wheels for easy portability and invite clients to eat and drink. A good party always makes an impression on people!

Make sure that you are up-to-date on any food handler’s permits and licenses you need, especially if you are handling food yourself. Safety and proper sanitation are essential when you’re serving food, and the last thing you need is a fine from the city!

Partner With Other Businesses Nearby

You know how when you go to a hotel and ask for recommendations, the concierge has a go-to list all ready for you? That’s not by accident, that’s a clever marketing strategy. Talk to other small businesses and discuss potential business partnerships; for example, offer special email promotions using one another’s businesses. It adds a whole new dimension to being a good neighbor!

Drawings and Raffles

To encourage customer loyalty as well as to get word of mouth buzzing, host a weekly or monthly raffle drawing that rewards clients for doing business with you. The reward can be a gift card, coupon, product, service or anything else you can think of, but make sure that it fits in with your budget. This is also another great opportunity to use a business partnership with another small company nearby. You’re sure to gain some attention from clients and besides, who doesn’t love free stuff?

From the Horse’s Mouth

If all else fails, ask your customers what they are looking for by giving them a brief email survey to fill out. Ask them how you are doing and what changes you can make to better accommodate their needs. Constructive criticism can hurt, but remember that it’s constructive for a reason!

Great marketing campaigns have to start somewhere, so use all the creative prowess you possess when figuring one out for your small business. You might not have the next “got milk” slogan yet, but with enough inspiration, your business will shine on its own.

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