How to Reduce Security Risks in your Office

Confidential records in offices must be protected to maintain good business relationships and status. Being aware of information theft and fraud is important to know how to reduce the risks associated with these. If your company is serious about taking information security to the next level, start by keeping your work environment clean and organized. This will make sure your employees stay productive without distractions.

An organized office helps your company in staying compliant with strict privacy legislation in terms of document management. An important part of office organization is document shredding Houston. Shredding gets rid of unnecessary documents that leave your office space clutter-free. Hiring a trusted shredding company to destroy old documents is a reliable solution for information security. But, there are other ways to reduce security risks in your office. They include:

Do Not Put Garbage Bins Next to Printers

Trash bins placed next to the printing area may be used more than just for garbage disposal. Some employees will toss printed documents into this bin. Unfortunately, some of these documents may contain sensitive business information. This lazy toss can result in security issues as trash bins are not secured and unscrupulous individuals can have access to sensitive documents. Documents that contain confidential information must be placed in lockable bins before secure shredding. Shredding companies will provide these bins and collect them as per the shredding schedule.

Use Recycling Bins Properly

As with garbage bins, recycling bins that collect old documents that contain sensitive data can leave your organization vulnerable to theft or breach. That is why businesses must separate recyclables from paper documents. Paper documents need to be thoroughly shredded through professional destruction services. They need to have a shred-all policy to maintain overall security and eliminate worries.

Keep Keys to Collection Containers Secure

Lockable collection bins are meant to keep sensitive documents secure. But, unauthorized access can still happen when the keys are not stored in a secure place. Keys must be kept away in a storage room or cabinet. General access to these keys must be limited. Companies must hire a document destruction company that offers quality, lockable consoles that can be placed in the office. Their team will collect the consoles as they are the one who has access to their contents. They will take the consoles to a mobile shredding truck and shred the documents properly onsite at a predetermined date. Having consoles provided by them means nobody from your company will have access to the keys and contents of those lockable bins.

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