Important Things You Must Check When Re-Launching A Website

Re-launching a website is a critical task that most of the businesses feel anxious about. The reason is because there are several things that can go wrong and can adversely impact a business. To save from such consequences and make re-launching easier for a business, we have compiled a list that you need to check right after launching a new website.

Put 301 redirects in place.

If you are modifying URLs, then it is required that you must place “301 redirects” from your old website URLs to your new URLs. Website builders are a popular website building software that helps users to develop compelling websites without performing any programming.

Add the code of Analytics to each and every webpage

It is very important to look at what is happening to your website after you re-launch a website. It is noticed that most of the time Website owners forget to insert or update their analytics code. It is suggested to keep analytics code on all pages of your website so as to keep track of how things work.

Update Google Adwords

Prior to your website going live, it is important to test that website whether it is in working state or not using the Adwords code. To track activity in Adwords, Google attaches tracking parameters to the URL.

A website re-launches gives opportunity for Google Adwords in the form of new pages that opens up options to bid on new keywords.

Review all your conversion endpoints

Your old website could be having stunning CTA “call to actions” that encourages your current users to perform things that are helpful for our business. Such conversions will be tracked somewhere. It is important to review things that reports or tracks on all these conversions. A web developer should ensure that he updated them or else it looks like your site has no longer converts.

Perform complete end to end test

No matter the level of testing that you have performed, it is advised to perform a complete end to end testing. As a result of the testing, you will definitely find something that has changed due to website re-launch.

It can be as little as an IP change or a DNS update, removal of host file will definitely get you see some changes in your website compared to the state before re-launching it. If you do not do an end to end testing, and the website fail to work, then your customers won’t tell you about it. They will simply leave your website and find another one.


Most of the changes that have been shown above are to be done at the external level of the website. So, this simplifies the task of a business and also incurs low financial costs. By implementing all these tips, you can easily relaunch your website with favourable outcome.

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