Factors to Consider When Buying Remanufactured Air Compressors

A compressor is a machine which raises the pressure of gas through the use of mechanical energy which is transformed by the compressor into pressure energy. In the world we live in, compressors are used often than you might think. There are many possible applications of a compressor both at home and in industrial fields.

If you want a cheaper alternative to purchasing new, and yet you don’t want to give up the quality and effectiveness of a brand new air compressor, remanufactured air compressors are the best choice. Although they have been previously utilized, these compressors are regenerated back to look like new compressors, giving them the performance and durability of brand new ones. However, since they’ve been regenerated, these compressors have a lower buying prize as opposed to new ones.

If you are looking for information on re-manufactured compressors, this article will help you understand the main aspects to consider before buying.

The Compressor Pressure

The pressure of the compressor is an essential factor that should be considered. It is generally indicated with the bar or psi unit of measurement (14 psi is equivalent to one bar). Note this, the higher the value of the bars, the higher the supply of air.

Air Compressor Accessories

This is a feature that you must consider. When purchasing a re-manufactured air compressor, buy the one that has accessories included. The accessories include; Spray gun or airbrush, Adapters, Inflating gun, Sandblasting gun, Water air gun Pressure gauge, Tube, Compressed air kit

The Compressor Power

Another parameter to note is the compressor power.

The more powerful the compressor is, the faster it will be able to compress the air.

Low-power installations are used in everyday life, medicine, pharmaceuticals, car services, instrument making. Installations of average power are used at compressor stations, enterprises of mechanical engineering, construction objects. While high-power equipment used in the food and chemical industries.

Air Compressor Motor:

Another essential factor to put into consideration before purchasing is the engine of your compressor. The choice of compressor motor affects power. However, in certain areas, it is impossible not to be able to choose a particular engine over another. The petrol engine is the most powerful but makes more noise. Furthermore, a motor compressor should not be used indoors because they exhaust a lot of gases. The most energy efficient motors are equipped with regulators and frequency converters.

Electric Compressors

The electric air compressor is the ideal air compressor for hobbyists. They have the convenience of being less bulky; hence they are portable and are even more ecological than the petrol compressors.

Battery Compressor

Battery-powered compressors are good. They do not need any connection to an electrical outlet. They are equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery. Also, the battery does not discharge even when the compressor is not used for a long time.

Compressor with Tank: How Many Liters?

If you choose a compressor with a tank, you should be careful to evaluate the liters it can contain. A compressor with a six-liter tank is insufficient. With this, you will be forced to interrupt your work often or in the worst case scenario, be unable to do it. So the capacity of the tank is significant when buying a re-manufactured air compressor.

Compressor without Tank

The capacity of the tank, as we have already seen above, determines the duration of your work before the air runs out. When you choose an air compressor model without a tank, you can only perform a quick and straightforward job, such as inflating car or bicycle tires and a few other small domestic tasks.

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