Three Common Shipping Failures that can Hurt your Brand Reputation

Packaging is the first physical experience your customers have with your brand. Thus, you must get it right to get repeat purchases. Poor packaging lead to product damages and breakage that can cost your business big.

Packaging is meant to protect a product throughout the eCommerce supply chain. Throughout the delivery process, packages tend to come into contact with some touchpoints w here possible damage could be caused. Inadequate packaging can directly affect your bottom line hamper your relationship with customers. The following are some of the most common shipping fails you want to avoid and how they affect your company:

Damaged Packaging

This can happen when the package was damaged during the fulfillment process or damaged by the shipping courier. Regardless of the reason, shoppers will not accept excuses. They expect their packages to arrive in one piece, without any issues. Ripped and damaged packaging indicates poor care for the product and the customer. When choosing packaging solutions, always assume that the packages will be tossed, kicked, dropped, stacked, shoved, and roughed up. Then, invest in the right solutions which Belley offers. These include the use of corrugated boxes and warehouse storage.

Too Small Packaging

Sometimes, if the retailer provides free shipping or when a customer wants economical shipping, a package can be shipped out in a container or wrapper that is too small. As a result, it can become difficult to remove the product from the box. Or it is shipped with several products, the items inside can become broken or damaged.

Wrapping the product in shipping paper or other soft non-boxed packaging materials, will leave it being ripped or torn and exposed to the outdoor elements and dirt during the shipping process. This indicates the need to use the right boxing solution.

Too Large Packaging

Products shipped in boxes that are too large can annoy the customer. For instance, if a customer orders a small item, they don’t expect it to come in a huge box that forces them to make an unnecessary trip to the post office. Also, throwing the products of a customer inside an oversized box shows them the carelessness of the fulfillment center, hurting the perception of your brand and killing its credibility.

As an eCommerce business owner, you must understand that the sales process does not end when your customer gives their credit card information. You need to learn how your fulfillment center packages the products. Use only the best-quality carriers that care about your customers as much as you do. Also, partner with a reputable packaging solutions provider.

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