What Are Wireline Services? Here’s A Quick Review!

In the field of oil and petroleum industries, wireline services are extremely critical. What exactly is a wireline? In this post, we are sharing some of the basic details that are worth knowing.

Wirelines explained

A wireline is an electric cable that’s used in a wellbore, for various purposes. From lowering tools and equipment, to gathering information about the well, wirelines are useful for varied needs and are necessary for oilfields. A wireline is similar to a slickline in terms of the tasks done, but can do a lot more. Slicklines are non-electric, while wirelines are electric. Most companies that are engaged in oilfield management and petroleum production prefer to hire professional wireline services for the tasks. Wirelines are important because it not only reduces the time and effort required for certain jobs, but is cost-efficient, as well. Wireline is an advanced type of cabling technology.

What are uses of wirelines?

As we mentioned, there are varied reasons why wirelines are used. In most cases, wirelines are used for evaluating and finding details of rock properties in a well. It can be also used for information gather, and to find the location of things like casting collars. Many companies rely on wirelines to gather samples and to complete perforating services. Well-integrity services are also done by wirelines, such as cement evaluation logging, and evaluating aspects like leaks and corrosion. Another important use of wireline service is related to pipe recovery. Even in reservoirs that have high pressure and temperatures, wirelines can be used for downhole tasks. Using advanced cameras, video production is often done using wirelines downhole.

Looking for wireline services

There are selected companies that specializes in wireline services, and you can check online to find the best ones in your region. Oilfield owners and management companies have to choose wirelines time and again, and it makes sense to select a company that’s dependable and known. Don’t shy away from asking about their capabilities, and what else they can provide in the oilfield production sector. Think of this as a long-term relationship, because the use of wirelines is only expanding with time, and it would be necessary to do make tasks in the wellbore without wasting a lot of effort, time and money.

Wireline services have been absolutely revolutionary in the last few years, and as technology gets better, businesses in the petroleum and oil sectors can expect to do more with wirelines in time to come.

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