Corrugated Carton Boxes and Packaging

Did you know that cardboard boxes and corrugated cartons are not the same? A corrugated cardboard is one that has ridges in between two sheets, making it very strong, durable and efficient as a packaging material.

There are companies like Belley that are dedicated to providing professional packaging solutions for your products. They have customisable packaging products that will render a high end and professional look to your products while increasing your sales and your market value and brand awareness.

Why use corrugated cartons as a packaging material?

  • The cartons are durable and strong.
  • Besides being strong and durable, they are flexible as well.
  • The cartons give a very neat and a professional look to your products.
  • Carton can be customised and can be used in your branding
  • They can be designed professionally to suit all your requirements.
  • Once created, you can procure the used ones offering some pay back and they can be reused again and again.
  • They increase the brand and product value.
  • They are light in weight. So, saves a lot on the shipping cost.
  • The storage is easier when you use these boxes because they are stackable.
  • Internal partitioning or compartments, if required can be done with ease.
  • When the boxes are manufactured and ready, they can be stored as compressed flat layers until you are going to need them for your packaging.
  • Once used in packaging, it can still be flattened and stored after use.
  • Therefore, empty boxes also occupy very less storage space.
  • The cartons are shock resistant and to some extent water resistant too.
  • The carton boxes can be used to protect the sensitive parts from external environment of sun’s heat light and dust.
  • The cartons do not react too many conditions and with many materials. Thus, it is chemically safe and safe against pressure, heat etc to certain extent.

Above all, corrugated carton boxes are eco-friendly 

Did you know that the corrugated cartons are perfectly recyclable and are being efficiently recycled at the rate of 90 percent? This makes it one of the best material choices for packaging.

While there are other packaging alternatives like the RPCs, the reusable plastic containers, the down side is that they are made of fossil fuels. They are not bio degradable as well.

Thus, due to the above reasons, the corrugated cardboard is considered to be a great packaging material that is widely used by several industries.

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