Various Uses of Steel Angle

Steel angle is used in modern buildings, factory shops, equipment and everyday life due to its lower cost and also reliable performances. Often, they are used as structural components for various construction projects.

Steel angle, which is also called angle iron, is manufactured by either high-strength low-alloy steel or hot-rolled carbon steel. It has got L-cross shaped cross section having two legs that is equal or unequal with an angle of 90 degree.

Usually, the steel angle piece is created out of galvanized steel iron, that is an iron form which has got a strength which is much more flexible and with a higher resistance against oxidation as compared to traditional iron.

You can find the applications of steel angle pieces almost all kind of industry, however you can often see them in the construction projects as well as in various factory production activities.

Often you will find in the factory where they will punch holes in each side of this metal so that it is possible to easily put screw into the place without using any special tools.

Following are few of the places where you can find plenty of uses of such steel angle irons in our day to day life:

  • Building frames

Almost every building frame use this steel angles in order to add extra support and also stability to the whole unit. When 2 frame pieces will meet, this steel angle will keep joint square and will also prevent the larger pieces to fall or break apart easily.

Almost all home and also commercial building frames will use steel angles in every room.

  • Bed frames

Almost all metal bed frames will use steel angles in order to support weight of bed and also people sleeping on bed. Even many wooden beds too will still use these steel supports for screwing the pieces of bed together and also support the mattresses.

  • Chairs and benches

If any time extra strength will be needed in the furniture, then steel angle is used for providing the additional strength and support. You can most often find the angles are used in benches that is designed for holding weight of number of persons.

  • Shelving

You can find industrial shelving screwed into the wall also uses brackets of steel angle for holding the shelves in its place and provide support to the weight of objects that are placed on shelf.

Steel angles have got surprising strength and able to hold weight of many pounds just with single bracket.

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